During the breathing spaces of the past decade I’ve been thinking, discarding, scribbling and working on a number of projects. Members of my species have tried to divert, distract and destroy my attention but I always kept my eyes fixed on the horizon.

The first of these projects is called Annihilation. It’s a collection of 17 new short stories exploring the theme of… you’ve guessed it. For more information have a look here.


Cover design/edit by JW based on original art by Raman Oza

I’ve almost finished its inversed companion collection, which I suppose will take months to edit/tweak and another year to proof read.

You may have noticed my previous publications on Amazon. I’ll be retweaking/updating those. Nothing too drastic. So if you were/are interested I’d rather you wait for a bit before exploring them.

My other project is a series of novels. You can find some extracts of the work in progress HERE. I upload the odd extract now and then. Usually in their raw versions. The novels are still being tweaked, prepared and edited.  A couple of them are and have already been through various stages of submission/development hell. We’ll see how it goes. As a treat here’s the proposed artwork for the debut novel. Subject to change, as is everything.

A couple of new plays are currently touring offices, filing cabinets and desks around the country.

Rinse. Wait. Repeat.