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From April, 2014. Some bleeps, blips, pops and experiments.

Perfection. 1991.
There’s not many albums I know of where from start to finish, every track, every sound, every riff, every chord progression, every lyric, every song title are suitably written, produced, arranged, mixed and sequenced to form something that not only works as a piece of art but as a perfect pop album.
Electronic’s debut album is that album.
This original edition doesn’t even have ‘Getting Away With It…’ on. I would even risk upsetting fans of The Smiths, New Order and even Pet Shop Boys to say that this album actually sits above the likes of Please and Technique (and most other classic albums by other artists as well). It carries similar lyrical sentiments about relationship breakdowns, communication breakdowns, solitude, alienation and existence and still remains life affirming. But the chill of the icy synths are warmed by the soul of the beats, bass, strings and guitars as well as Bernard’s fragile and heartfelt vocals. Beautiful.
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