Replikat 2018

Smirnov Kool has everything: fame, style, success and regular sexual relations.

Just one problem. He’s missing.

Manchester, as he knew it, is also missing: replaced by transparent cityscapes populated by naked people, forgotten lovers, a pyjama underclass and idea architects. It’s a Manchester where taxis are fuelled by outmoded Broadband technology and you can legally terminate your able bodied spouse if you can make a convincing case against their existence. Society is regulated and monitored by the Lifebrace: a device designed to stabilise the body and soul.

Smirnov’s only connection to reality is memory but even that isn’t what it used to be, the deeper he explores the changing environment.

REPLIKAT is an absorbing, body-jacking, gender-twisting, time-slashing, genre-hacking tale about revenge, identity and perception. Under neon lights. Behind lip gloss.



Annihilation 2017

17 short stories about destruction.