But what is it for? What purpose does it serve? What is the objective? Why is it important? Will it improve or change anything for the better? How it will it increase our understand of x, y and z? How will it enrich our lives? Does it offer an achievable/innovative alternative to the way we did things before or to the way we live our lives? Does it help those less fortunate than us? Can I do it better? How can we measure if it’s achieved its objective? What makes this product/service/feeling any different to other models and avenues that have previously been explored? What’s being excluded? What are the dangers? Are there any flaws that can be foreseen? Are we merely copying and repeating ourselves? Is it just a coping strategy or an extended exercise in procrastination? What are the ways it might fail? Who will it reach? What is the end goal? Does it actually mean anything? Is it important? Does it have any intrinsic values? Are the reasons you can give for its implementation suitable enough? Are the foundations of this idea inherently flawed?

Questions one should ask oneself.