Happy new year. I hope it will be.  Hopefully I won’t be running to stand still this year. Instead I’ll be spinning plates.

For those of you who have access to the internet or live within a five mile radius of Swinton, (everyone) I would be much obliged if you would tune in at 1 pm on Sunday January 13th 2013 for Tom Hughes’ Sunday Sunshine radio show where I’ll be talking to Tom about some of my projects for 2013 and choosing a couple of records from my youth. Hopefully it’ll be edited to make me sound less nonsensical.


One of these projects includes my first full length play entitled The Travesty which will be performed at the Words Festival 2013 which takes place in Wigan and Leigh but involves and attracts audiences, writers, artists and poets from all over Europe. The play is due to start rehearsals very soon for a couple of performances in the second week of April in Wigan.


Another project in deep development (being prepared) is Media Unfriendly, a collection of short stories, essays, pieces.

UPDATED. Unedited interview podcast available via Mixcloud here