Mass Photography ‘Blackpool Through The Camera’

Visited this exhibition yesterday. Very interesting how many of the photos in the exhibition (some of which were taken by local photographers/residents) captured the whole range of what Blackpool is or represents to its residents and visitors. For me it reaffirmed Blackpool as a crowded place of dreams, escape, forced jollity, disappointment, guilty pleasures, which somehow still wades through life in a time warp. This photograph (also featured in the exhibition) captures these feelings perfectly.

Later on my girl and I ate sandwiches and drank a flask of coffee on the North Pier has I looked at the cloudy horizon meeting the grey sea, while the tinny speaker of the pier piped out a selection of Bacharach, Mamas and Papas and the Righteous Brothers. Very odd but kind of charming.

The exhibition ends November 5th 2011.