Now this is a healthy obsession to have. Here’s a pic of lovely Alison Goldfrapp.  I’ve enjoyed the music of Goldfrapp since 2000. They can do whatever they like.

Alison Goldfrapp

Following on from classics as Felt Mountain, Black Cherry, Supernature and Seventh Tree which marries elements of JG Ballard, Barbarella, The Wicker Man and John Barry comes Flight of The Navigator in a seductive clinch with Blade Runner, in the form of new album Head First and new Van Halen versus Laura Brannigan, single Rocket.
How to make a Goldfrapp album. Throw all the above influences into a blender with Kate Bush’s red shoes, some whipped cream of Oz, some sweet and sinister Brothers Grimm fairy tales (I’d also add a dollop of Moomin dreams), the attitude of Studio 54, Cold War thrillers, a casino, stir in some seedy 60s peep shows and you’re just about close. Pour the mixture into a skintight pair of red satin underwear, swing around for about 40 mins, and wait by the stage door and there’s your sound. Sure, Alison Goldfrapp may look  like a bored bitch who works in a sex shop in Soho but she’s like a John Wyndham star child, had she had been led astray behind the bike sheds by Marlene Dietrich. And she looks good riding a horse, which is important.