I came across this troupe of Finnish rockabilly, rock and roll, punk outfit purely unknowingly in the film ‘Take take of your scarf, Tatjana’ a film by Aki Kaurismäki. The film itself, if you haven’t seen it, is a road movie featuring a vodka addict and a coffee addict who steals his mum’s pension book and locks her in the storeroom to get his fix. In fact he doesn’t let her out till the end of the film!

Genius. The reference to donkey’s is a Finnish thing I am assured. This clip alone features all the ingredients of the Leningrad Cowboys films. As with ‘Happy Together’ they’ve taken a 60s pop song and made it their own, in this case, making it more effective than the original.

And now I have the films. I had my own Leningrad Cowboys season over the summer. I laughed at the jokes about beer cans, tractors, dead cowboys, vodka, revolutions, donkey’s, all delivered with sparse dialogue and odd versions of popular songs. In a perfect world, if I was Michael Eavis I’d have The Leningrad Cowboys playing Glastonbury every year. Every year.